Company Voices on Sustainability Vol. 1

Educating and Encouraging Our Team to Make Responsible Choices: Cycling to work
Tim Ahnsorge – Product Manager for Metal PBF and Business Development for the Cycling Industry at BASF Forward AM

At BASF Forward AM, creating a more sustainable future for the generations to come is a central part of who we are. And as we focus on these new goals, we rely on each of our team members to be an integral part of our #ProjectZero initiatives. With that said, we are launching a blog series called “Company Voices on Sustainability,” where you will hear from individuals at Forward AM and how they are living more sustainably in both their professional and personal lives. Check out their stories on our Sustainability page.

The Only Way Forward is Together

#ProjectZero is a long-term commitment to reducing our impact on the planet by developing sustainable products, solutions, and production methods, while also studying the impact of the 3D printing industry and evolving the way we work through the education and encouragement of our team to make responsible choices.

Tim joined BASF Forward AM in June of 2019 as part of the Metal Filaments team. Since that time his role has evolved with the needs of the AM industry. Since early 2023, Tim has not only continued his work as a Product Manager for Metal PBF but added that of Binder Jetting as well as business development for bike customers and bike projects, segment of business which spans across all materials and technologies.

How do you personally include sustainability in your daily life?

Tim: Together, my girlfriend and I have set rules that we promise to abide by. All distances under 15 kilometers are covered by bicycle. The car must stay parked. Equally important are daily or weekly tasks such as buying vegetables and fruit from the local farmer, are also part of our efforts to live more sustainably.

How many kilometers are you doing per day by commuting to the office by bike?

Tim: Over the course of a day, I can cover 40 kilometers or more. Depending on how long the workday is and weather permitting, the shortest route is just under 40 kilometers. Though when the weather is warmer, I look forward to the extended route I can take on the way there or back. It is also an excellent opportunity to directly assemble and extensively test new ideas for the cycling industry that can be created utilizing 3D printing. There is practically no better way to provide such direct and precise feedback to our customers.

What made you change the way you commute to work?

Tim: About 3 years ago, the company gave employees the option to lease a bike through a company called Jobrad. Of course, this type of program also gives an incentive for all employees to cycle more for activities outside of commuting to work. As a bike enthusiast, I naturally jumped at the chance and bought my first racing bike. This year, the time has come where I can either buy a new bike or just take over the old one. It does not matter which bike you want to buy.

Two years ago, together with my girlfriend, we decided to sell one of our two cars. At that time, it was primarily to save money on things like parking space rent, fuel, insurance, tax and the other running costs for a car. That can add up to being quite a bit of money. Over time, we realized that we hardly use our remaining car. I estimate that 90% of our commuting is done by bicycle. I mean, how often do you get into the car even though you could also cover the distance very well and rather quickly by bike?

Want more information on Jobrad? If you’re in Germany, check out their website at

JobBikes attract cycling enthusiasts at every level, keep employees fit and protect the environment. Employees look for the bike they want from a specialist dealer or online. The employer leases to JobRad, which then leases it to the employees. They can then use the cycle whenever they want — for work, in everyday life, on vacation or for sports. And the employee saves up to 40% compared to a conventional purchase.

Interested in bike leasing, but you work or live in another country or region? Check for local companies in your area offering sustainable programs for transportation.

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