Cosm Medical – winner of the Forward AM Innovation Award 2021!

After six month the Forward AM Innovation Award journey reached its grand conclusion on the 30th of June 2021 with its big final event. Cosm Medical, HILOS, SYOS and Wyve showed off their individual and innovative startups in interesting and passionate pitches. After listening to all pitches, a lively exchange among the jury began to decide who would be the first Forward AM Innovation Award winner. In the end the Canadian startup Cosm Medical was awarded the winner of 2021!

However, thanks to our sponsors and supporters there were two other winners that evening: While the French startup Wyve was awarded the Deloitte Sustainability Award for creating surfboards out of recycled plastic, SYOS was crowned the Public’s Choice Winner. Their mission is to enable musicians to shape their own sound by creating 3D printed custom saxophone mouthpieces. HILOS, our fourth finalist, aims to rethink the footwear industry by using Additive Manufacturing and establishing an innovative recycling concept.

But let’s take a closer look at our 2021 Forward AM Innovation Award winner: Founded in 2017, the Canadian startup Cosm Medical is modernizing urogynecological care by focusing on a solution for a global women’s health issue: pelvic floor problems such as incontinence and prolapse. Whereas the current standards of care are injection molded off-the-shelf devices and finger measurements, Cosm Medical are revolutionizing the process by using an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) driven cloud software, novel ultrasound, and Additive Manufacturing. They can then design a custom pessary which addresses the patients unique and different needs. The 3D printing part is vital in this process as it enables the production of customized products.

A 3D printed customized pessary by Cosm Medical (Source: Cosm Medical).

“We applied for the Forward AM Innovation Award because we wanted to deepen our network on Additive Manufacturing. (…) We appreciate any support as we drive to change women’s pelvic health.”

Derek Sham, Founder & CEO, Cosm Medical

Congratulations to Cosm Medical for winning the Forward AM Innovation Award and of course the other three startups for coming this far!

We enjoyed the experience of working with you and seeing your passion and drive behind your project was a pure inspiration. Thank you to our sponsors and supporters for being a strong asset to the 2021 Forward AM Award. We cannot wait to see what the 2022 Award will have in store for us.

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