Formnext 2022: Highlighting Sustainability and New Materials with Innovative Hands-on Displays

From November 15 – 18, Forward AM was exhibiting at Formnext 2022 in Frankfurt am Main Germany. Our 135-square meter booth was filled with interactive features and product highlights, along with the opportunity to participate in engaging and informative partner talks with a focus on sustainability. From Consumer Goods, Transportation and Manufacturing to the Medical and Dental Industries, an incredible amount of information was shared on how we support our partners through comprehensive services and solutions.

Forward AM is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility through the launch of Project Zero

A highlight of our talks at Formnext was the launch of Project Zero, a new initiative focused on reducing our impact on the planet by developing sustainable products, solutions and production methods, while also studying the impact of the 3DP industry and evolving the way we work.

A key component of Project Zero and our long-term commitment to sustainability is the launch of our Carbon Compensation program, which is an opportunity for our partners and customers to reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting emissions. Internally, we are focusing additional efforts on the production of recycled spools, optimizing our packaging and have expanded our portfolio with the launch of materials, such as Ultrasint® AP 26, with a 100% recycle rate.

As we work together to become better environmental stewards, Forward AM is also dedicated to completing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies as well as offering comparisons on bio-based versus standard resins. Project Zero and much more was featured in our Net Zero booth at Formnext, which is constructed utilizing sustainable materials along with an open layout that required less material, therefore creating less waste, and was optimally designed for reuse as an exhibit space in the future.

Our commitment to these sustainability efforts is reflected throughout all departments at Forward AM as we work together to reduce waste and drive innovation. Through Project Zero, we hope to set a clear vision for the future across our company and the industry with measurable sustainability initiatives and revolutionary products.

Carbon Compensation Program offers a partnership approach for a brighter and greener future for Additive Manufacturing 

Sustainability is a growing and developing part of our Forward AM corporate purpose, with the development and execution of a plan for reducing and offsetting emissions at the forefront of our environmental commitments. Through the Carbon Compensation program, we are offering our customers the opportunity to join Project Zero by reducing and offsetting all materials across all business lines, beginning with PP followed by a goal to offer additional material compensations in the future.

This compensation will be done by calculating the carbon emission per each material resulting in the acquisition of carbon credits that will compensate the carbon emissions of that specific material. Through these partnerships, we can work together to ensure a greener future for this generation and all those that follow

PBF and Photopolymer portfolios are expanded with the launch of three new materials: Ultrasint® AP26, Ultrasint® PP1400 Black, and Ultracur3D® RG3280

  • Ultrasint® AP26 is zero waste material with affordable cost and high detail resolution enabling high volume applications. With a 100% reusability rate and the lowest cost per kg in the PBF portfolio the new PBT is therefore an ally for sustainability that offers the sharpest detail quality while assuring the lowest cost.
  • Ultrasint® PP 1400 Black finally brings an easy to process PP material to the market. The low density, high reusability rate, and end part recyclability delivers what others can’t, the ability to create a sustainable end part from a high-quality isotropic material.
  • Ultracur3D® RG 3280 offers superior stiffness and temperature performance while being low-viscous, easy to use and fast printing. This innovative material and has been successfully tested on the XiP and NXE printers from Nexa3D exhibiting excellent stability of suspension which results in limited settling in the vat.

Comprehensive service and solutions from BASF Forward AM

In addition to our broad selection of innovative 3D materials, we offer a comprehensive range of virtual engineering services and coatings to provide customers with the tools needed to achieve a printed components highest potential. Working as a collabortive partner, the Forward AM Team will support you throughout every project stage, from first idea to final printed part.

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