Forward AM and Ultimaker unlock the magic of metal

Forward AM offers one of the largest portfolios of high-performance Additive Manufacturing materials and services in the chemical industry worldwide. Combined with Ultimaker‘s 3D printing system expertise, both companies share the vision to enable customers to shape the additive manufacturing industrialisation.

But the long-standing partnership between Forward Am and Ultimaker goes even beyond the material and printer compatibility. With the launch of the Ultimaker Marketplace, an open system solution platform, Forward AM was able to create material print profiles for the Ultrafuse® metal and plastic filaments. These material profiles improve the user experience immediately by increasing the reliability and repeatability of the printing process while at the same time decreasing adoption barriers. In case of Forward AM’s metal filament, Ultrafuse® 316L, the material profile also improves the mechanical properties of the final metal part.
Ultrafuse® 316L is ideal for the production of metal components in 316L stainless steel by using conventional Fused Filament Fabrication machines, followed by a standardized debinding and sintering process. Due to a very good corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties Ultrafuse® 316L is often used for jigs, fixtures and tooling applications.

However, application areas for metal filaments are much wider but often stay undiscovered. Both companies, Forward AM and Ultimaker, took the next step here and joined forces to bring a full solution for MFFF to the market. With this project, customers are provided with new opportunities for metal filament solutions. In a first step engineers from both companies investigate the customer’s potential application on site, this is called the site scan. Based on the results, a tailored package containing filaments, hardware and training will be developed for the customer. The benefits for the customers are clear and compelling: a targeted and structured implementation of metal filaments with a milestone plan, reduced adoption barriers and production costs.

Interested to learn more? We will discuss the benefits of this approach with our customers NLR, Liebherr and Wien Energy in a panel discussion. Register now for the Ultimaker Transformation Summit and join us on:

EMEA: April 21 at 3.30 CEST

North & South America: April 22 at 3.30 EDT

APAC: April 23 at 3.30 GMT

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