Increasing Part Stiffness of Lightweight FFF End-Use Parts by Simulation

In Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), print settings are usually calculated with algorithms of 3D printer related slicing software.


Although often users can modify relevant settings manually or make use of fully automated data preparation, there is always the risk of unknown part performance in terms of strength. In combination with Smart Slice for Ultimaker Cura from Teton Simulation, Forward AM‘s Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 filament enables users to optimize print settings for their individual application.

Read this whitepaper to learn how to optimize print time and, on top, to receive a predictable mechanical part performance when using Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15. What’s more, the additionally reduced part weight unlocks to new application areas like transportation or other use cases where light weight structures are required. The close collaboration between Forward AM and Teton Simulation lead to an excellent validation of Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 in Smart Slice for Ultimaker Cura.

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