Transforming Product Development with Lattices

Choosing the ideal lattice defines the success of lattice application development. Until now, identifying the appropriate type of lattice for a component required time- and cost-intensive „design-print-test-redesign“ iterations. Because of this, the advantages of using lattice-driven designs for creating new and better-performing products have not been explored to their fullest.

Whitepaper floating slightly backwards in front of a light background with the BASF logo and an image of a white lattice structures on a black background.

Forward AM has taken on the challenge of pushing lattice innovations forward by offering Ultrasim®, a Virtual Engineering Service, enabling a smart search for the optimal lattice geometry to fulfill a specific component‘s unique mechanical performance requirements. By leveraging digital simulation tools, engineers can digitally generate, simulate, and manufacture finely tuned lattices. Opening up the possibility of significantly enhanced 3D printed parts for various industry verticals, such as automotive, medical, or consumer goods. This whitepaper provides new insights into how Forward AM leverages their Ultrasim® service to help designers develop lattice structure-based applications with flexible materials.

Find out more about:

  • Features and benefits of additively manufactured lattices
  • How to select the ideal lattice for an application
  • Lattice Engineering possibilities with Ultrasim®

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